Jim Terry Award

The Jim Terry Award, named after long time coach Jim Terry is given at the conclusion of each season to the player(s) who has demonstrated excellence in determination, discipline, leadership and sportsmanship both on and off the ice. 

2000 Michael Lane  
2001 Brett Belcastro  
2002 Justin Umlah  
2003 Jesse Tabor  
2004 Taylor Graves Tim White
2005 Mike King Andrew Haley
  Ben Hall  
2006 Kyle Bergeron Michael Ansaldi
  Brian Frechette  
2007 Mark Lane Sam Woodward
  Garrett Meador  
2008 Michael Skelton Brad Hauser
2009 Justin Clements George Weigold
2010 Ricky Gaudreau Taylor Cyr
  Bryan Lamontagne Griffin Meador
2011 Logan Spoor  
2012 Kevin Murphy Chris King
2013 Connor Todd Anthony LaRusso
2014 Brad Canavari  
2015 Robby Moody  
2016 Dan Nusbaum  
2017 Mackenzie Murphy